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We use 5-axis CNC machining centres that represent the latest technological advances.

Our machining centres belong to the longest ones in Finland which allows us to work on profiles up to 15,5 metres long.

Aluminium welding is conducted with years of experience using MIG and TIG equipment. A robotic welding cell is our latest investment in aluminium welding. Our extensive expertise and knowledge of each customer's unique needs ensure high-quality results.

If needed, we can include acquisition, storage and surface treatment of aluminium profiles as well as the required assembly and installation services into the delivery according to the customer's wishes.

 Emmegi Satellite XT

5-axis centres for machining aluminium profiles
  • One centre with machining length of 15.5 m 

  • One centre with machining length of 10.5 m

The Emmegi Satellite XT represents the latest advances in the field of aluminium machining and it allows us to machine aluminium profiles with even more efficiency, precision and versatility than before.

The machine is the first of its kind in Finland and it is one of the factors propelling us forwards as pioneers of aluminium machining in Finland.

 Emmegi Satellite XL

5-axis centres for machining aluminium profiles
  • One centre with machining length of approx. 10 m 

  • Two centres with machining length of approx. 6.5 m

These machines allow us to create slots, holes, threads, notches, etc. into aluminium profiles with extreme precision. The milling can be done onto the piece at any angle, even at the ends of the profile. We also utilise special measuring technology that allows us to achieve the desired specifications with even more precision than before.

3-axis computer guided double saw

Two saws

CNC-controlled double saws
for cutting aluminium profiles
Servo-guided cutter head tilt

Possible sawing angles: 22.5°–135°

aluminium robotic welding

Robotic welding cell

Robotic welding cell for aluminium
  • Distance between fixture plates 5500mm, maximum fixture's width 1500mm (diameter)

  • CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) welding technology

Robotic welding cell increases the productivity of aluminium welding. Due to the long distance between the fixture plates it's possible to weld also several meters long products.




Here are some of our other machines:
  • CNC-controlled profile bending machine
  • Mandrel bending machine
  • Single bladed aluminium saw
  • TIG welding machine for aluminium
  • MIG welding machine for aluminium
  • NC-controlled plate shear, 6 mm/3000
  • Deburring machine
  • Hydraulic bending unit
  • Copy milling machine