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Flexible solutions

Al-Men Oy specialises in the machining and welding of aluminium profiles. Our customers come from industries that require durable, high-quality aluminium products, components and parts. The construction sector is one of our most significant customer segments as they use plenty of aluminium profiles for various purposes. Al-Men Oy is known as a reliable partner that provides high-quality products using the latest technologies.


High standards of quality and service

Modern machines representing the latest technological advances enable production with no compromises. The high quality of products is, of course, the starting point of any serious company, but we can also offer a delivery concept that separates us from our competitors!


Our operations are guided by the certified ISO 9001:2015 quality system and the ISO 14001:2015 environmental system.


Our customer base includes very different companies from different fields of industry. For some of our customers we deliver thousands of custom-made aluminium profiles a week, complete with paint jobs, sawing, machining and assembly – even with just a few days' notice. This is made possible in part by our location next to an aluminium extrusion plant and by our investments in innovative solutions in such areas as delivery, packaging and order management. Our comprehensive service package and control over details elevate us above our competitors. We can deliver our customers a complete service and operations concept that no other operator in Finland can provide.

Special expertise

We have invested heavily in the precision tools and machines and special know-how required in working with aluminium. We process our aluminium profiles with modern 5-axis machining centres. Our machining centres belong to the longest ones in Finland which allows us to work on profiles up to 15,5 metres long with great precision.


Our customers often receive the entire supply chain through us, from the acquisition of the profiles to the finished products, complete with possible surface treatment solutions. Our expertise results in satisfied customers and the high quality of our products is not easily matched.



As a material, aluminium is suited for a wide variety of purposes thanks to its strength, malleability and light weight. One way to utilise the special characteristics of aluminium is to extrude aluminium into profiles that can then be used to build impressive and durable structures. Our special expertise lies in the further processing of aluminium profiles into products that meet the demands and needs of the end user.