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Al-Men's work description centres around the further processing of aluminium profiles into finished products or parts. The services we offer include CNC machining of aluminium profiles, TIG/MIG welding and various assembly tasks. Our close-knit partner network ensures that the customer receives the entire production process from one source. Al-Men will take care of everything from ordering the profiles to storing them and applying the final surface treatment solutions.


Al-Men is situated right next to the Mäkelä Alu aluminium extrusion plant in Western Finland. This close proximity ensures that we have access to the latest aluminium know-how and a sturdy foothold in the product development of the aluminium industry.


The same cluster also includes surface treatment companies that offer an extensive palette of surface treatment options for aluminium products.


Al-Men realises projects of many different types. Our machinery is not tied to serial production or to the production of mere individual structures. To us, acting as a subcontractor for small aluminium parts is just as important a job as large and impressive interior decoration and aluminium construction projects. Our machine stock consists of modern machines and equipment representing the latest technological advances. These include 5-axis CNC machining centres that allow us to work on aluminium profiles even over 15 metres long.


The first step of production is defining the customer's needs. We find or design a suitable profile and plan the required surface treatment solutions, work stages and assembly.


Special expertise and flexible solutions

We have invested heavily in the precision tools and machines and special know-how required in working with aluminium. Our expertise results in satisfied customers and the high quality of our products is not easily matched.


Our customers come from industries that require durable, high-quality aluminium products, components and parts. The construction sector is one of our most significant customer segments as they use plenty of aluminium profiles for various purposes. We also make a lot of products for the electronics industry, for example, as aluminium is a great material for their needs. Flexible custom solutions are one of our core strengths.



Our special expertise lies in the further processing of aluminium profiles into products that meet the demands and needs of the end user. Modern machines representing high quality and the latest technological advances enable production with no compromises.


These machines and our experienced professional staff come together to guarantee the high quality of our products, which is always our primary goal. Our strategic location next to an aluminium extrusion plant ensures cost-efficient production and grants us access to the latest developments in the field of aluminium profile processing.

La Alucenter

Al-Men Oy is a member of the La Alucenter expertise network, which consists of top-tier professionals in the field of aluminium processing.

Through this network we are able to offer our customers versatile further processing solutions.


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