We Elevate Profiles to a New Level

We offer the most comprehensive range of services for processing aluminum profiles in Finland.


We have invested in precision tools, machinery, and specialized expertise required for aluminum processing. Our expertise is reflected in the satisfaction of our customers as well as in products manufactured to the highest standards, a feat achieved by only a few.


We undertake various projects. Our equipment is not limited to mass production or individual structures. Subcontracting small aluminum parts is as important to us as large and impressive interior and aluminum construction projects.

CNC machining

In CNC machining, various slots, holes, threads, and other shapes are machined into the profile as needed. For the machining of aluminum profiles, we utilize state-of-the-art 5-axis machining centers. These centers allow us to machine aluminum profiles with extreme precision, from shorter pieces to profiles over 15 meters in length.


Welding aluminum requires special expertise and skill, and finding a competent welder can be challenging. At Al-Men, our durable and neat joints are backed by years of experience and advanced MIG and TIG equipment. Our machine fleet also includes a robotic welding cell, enabling efficient welding of products even several meters in length.


Achieving clean and precise cutting requires the right equipment and skill from the operator. At Al-Men, we utilize modern CNC-controlled double head cut off saws that allow for careful and accurate cutting, even for complex cuts and angles.


During assembly, we make the necessary connections and install other parts or components onto the aluminum profiles. Our meticulous quality assurance process ensures that the finished products are flawless and meet our customers' quality requirements.

Over the years, hundreds of companies have relied on our expertise in aluminum profile machining, leading to the establishment of numerous long-term customer relationships. Successful projects and reliable partnerships have enabled many of our customers to accompany us year after year on our journey.



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