State-of-the-art machine fleet

State-of-the-art machine fleet

Our 5-axis aluminum CNC machining centers represent the cutting edge of technology. Among our equipment are some of the longest 5-axis machining centers in Finland, capable of processing aluminum profiles exceeding 15 meters in length.


Our aluminum-welding services are carried out with years of experience using MIG and TIG equipment. Our expertise and understanding of customer-specific needs guarantee a high-quality end result.


Upon request, our deliveries can also include procurement of aluminum profiles, storage, surface treatments, and assembly services tailored to the customer's preferences.

Emmegi Satellite XT alumiiniprofiilien cnc-työstökeskus

 Emmegi Satellite XT

5-axis aluminum profile machining centers
  • 1 unit with a machining length of approximately 15.5 meters

  • 1 unit with a machining length of approximately 10.5 meters

The Emmegi Satellite XT represents the latest development in aluminum profile machining, allowing for even more efficient, precise, and versatile machining of aluminum profiles.


These machines are among the first of their kind in Finland, which helps us achieve our goal of being a pioneer in aluminum machining in Finland.

Emmegi Satellite XL alumiiniprofiilien cnc-työstökeskus

 Emmegi Satellite XL

5-axis aluminum profile machining centers
  • 1 unit with a machining length of approximately 10 meters 

  • 2 units with a machining length of approximately 6.5 meters

With these machines, it's possible to precisely machine various shapes such as slots, holes, threads, etc., on aluminum profiles. Machining can be performed at any angle on the workpiece, including the ends of the profiles.


Additionally, we have access to unique measurement technology, allowing for even more precise machining of products.

Alumiinin hitsaus robotilla

Robotic Welding Cell

Robotic Welding Cell for Aluminum
  • Rotary table chuck spacing: 5500mm, turning diameter: 1.5m

  • CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) welding method

The robotic welding cell enables efficient welding of aluminum. With its long chuck spacing, the robot can weld even long products measuring several meters.


Saha alumiiniprofiilien katkontaan - Emmegi Precision

Emmegi Precision T2 E-HS

2 units

   CNC-controlled double head cut off saw for efficient cutting of aluminum profiles


Possible cutting angles ranging from 15° to 135°

cnc-ohjattu kaksoissaha alumiiniprofiilien katkontaan

3-axis computer-controlled double head saws

2 units

    CNC-controlled double head cut off saw for cutting aluminum profiles

   Servo-controlled tilting of saw blades

   Possible cutting angles range from 22.5° to 135°



In addition, our machine fleet includes the following machines:
  • TIG welding machine for aluminum

  • MIG welding machine for aluminum

  • NC-controlled sheet metal cutter, 6mm/3000

  • Deburring machine

  • CNC-controlled profile bending machine

  • Press brake machine

  • Single-blade aluminum cutting machine

  • Hydraulic bending unit

  • Copy milling machine


  • Dot marking machine


Lifting and Handling Equipment

  • Overhead crane 5 t

  • Overhead crane 3.2 t

  • Forklift 4.5 t

  • Forklift 2.5 t

  • Various electric hoists and other handling devices


Over the years, hundreds of companies have relied on our expertise in aluminum profile machining, leading to the establishment of numerous long-term customer relationships. Successful projects and reliable partnerships have enabled many of our customers to accompany us year after year on our journey.



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