Aluminum profiles

Aluminum profiles

One-stop shop for aluminum profile needs

We offer our customers full management of the aluminum profile supply chain from product development all the way to delivery. Whether you need standard profiles or a customized solution, as our customer, you benefit from the latest aluminum knowledge and an efficient logistical chain.


Aluminum profiles

We supply aluminum profiles to various industries. Sometimes a suitable one can be found from the selection of standard profiles available. At other times, the perfect solution requires the design of a custom profile tailored to the customer's requirements. In such cases, we also assist in designing the specific profile tool, if needed.


A customer-specific profile ensures the optimal suitability of the product for its intended use. Especially for larger quantities, a custom profile shape is also cost-effective because the aluminum profile can be designed to minimize material usage. This, in turn, simplifies subsequent processing and assemblies.


Surface treatment

Aluminum profiles can be surface-treated as needed through our versatile network of collaborators. One of the most common surface treatment methods is powder coating, which allows profiles to be painted in the exact color shades desired by the customer. We also offer other surface treatment options for aluminum profiles (such as anodizing), which provide the most suitable properties and appearance according to the intended use.

Product development

We are happy to assist our customers in finding better solutions. Even small changes have resulted in significant benefits in product functionality, cost-effectiveness, and installation speed. It is worthwhile to contact us already in the design phase so that together we can ensure the best possible outcome.

Storage service

We also offer profile storage services so that our customers can receive deliveries in batch sizes that suit their own needs. This enables customers to have smaller call-off batches and allows for flexible and fast deliveries.

Over the years, hundreds of companies have relied on our expertise in aluminum profile machining, leading to the establishment of numerous long-term customer relationships. Successful projects and reliable partnerships have enabled many of our customers to accompany us year after year on our journey.



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